Tales From the Sorcerer Under the Mountain

Created by Newt Newport

A rulebook/adventure for OSR/5th editions inspired by 80s British Fantasy Roleplaying Games.

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Print on Demand coupons sent out for both OSR & 5th Ed
3 days ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 01:40:09 AM

Good Morning Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

In short: POD versions of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain (5th Ed adventure) and Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain (OSR rulebook) have been issued.  Backers who are getting them sent directly from me, I've ordered copies and will send as soon as I receive them from the printers.

At length:

I finally received a successful print proof of the 5th Edition Adventure yesterday. The previous one had been a weird mash-up with a book on Spanish Folk music complete with pages of sheet music!  The OSR rulebook had come in successfully the week before, but I held off releasing it to avoid widespread confusion amongst people who were expecting the 5th Ed adventure as well.

So last night I issued the coupons to the at cost Print on Demand versions of The Sorcerer Under the Mountain (5th Ed adventure) and Tales from the Sorcerer Under the Mountain (OSR rulebook), to those backers who are due them.  If you've not received yours, 1 check your spam filter 2. Check that your Backer level is actually due a POD coupon. 3 Contact me via Kickstarter messenger.

If you are due a printed copy of either book (or both if you are a Sorcerer or Head Sheidbearer) I've ordered the books and will start sending them out when I receive them from the printer. This should be late next week or early the week after.

So that should be the main goal out of the way. There has been significant progress on the stretch goals which I'll share with you in the next update, once the printed books have been sent out :)

All the best

:O) Newt

5ed Adventure Sorcerer Under the Mountain released in pdf to backers
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 09:01:34 PM

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

If you are due a pdf copy of the 5th Edition Adventure The Sorcerer Under the Mountain, you should have just been sent a link to a free copy via an email from drivethrurpg.com.

To be clear if you backed at the following levels you should have got this:

  • New School Torchbearer 
  • New School Sheild Bearer 
  • Head Torchbearer 
  • Head Shieldbearer 
  • Sorcerer Under the Mountain

Its also been sent out to those people who pre-ordered it via Backerkit.com

If you are due this pdf, but have not received it please message me via Kickstarter. 

The printed version should be available as a POD in about a weeks time. Its currently at the printers and I'm waiting for a successful proof.

Update about the OSR Rulebook (Tales of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain). While I've had a successfull print proof, there was a handful of last-minute, typos that I wanted to correct. Its back with the printers and should come back about the same time as the 5th edition adventure does. As a result I will issue pod codes for both books at the same time, to avoid any confusion about what has and has been sent out. 

The stretch goals are currently being worked on. The standalone adventures (Fires from Below, The Curse of the Emerald Swan and The Ruinous Jungles) are in various states of completion. I'm working on the rest and should have solid progress by the end of the month when I shall give you a fuller report on where I'm up to.

Hope you had a good holidays, and the New Year is treating you well so far.

;O) Newt

Add-on coupons have been sent out
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 03, 2019 at 02:27:30 AM

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Tales of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain pdf has been sent out.
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 10:11:14 PM

Good Evening Glorious Backers,

If you are due a pdf copy of Tales of the Sorcerer Under Mountain, I've just issued it via drivethrurpg.com. 

If you've not received it 

1. Make sure you actually sent me your drivethrurpg.com email via the Backer Survey. 

2. Check your email spam folder.

Once you've done this, please contact me via Kickstarter message and I will sort you out.

The print version is currently going through drivethrurpg.com's approval process, and subject to a successful proof should be available in 1-2 weeks.

The 5th Edition adventure, The Sorcerer Under the Mountain, is currently going through final check and should be available in pdf form later this week or early next week.


;O) Newt

Backerkit closes tomorrow
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 01:43:34 AM

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Just a quick reminder I'm locking down Backerkit tomorrow. This means that if you want to buy any additional add-ons you need to do it by 12 midnight GMT. 

Also if you haven't returned your Backer's Survey, which was issued via Backerkit, you need to fill it in so I can send you your rewards.   Also, I'm going to be finalising the pdf, so if you don't get me your Backer's Survey in I won't know your prefered name to go in the book. 

Once again thanks to everyone who has bought additional add-ons while Backerkit has been open. This has been the first time I've used this service and its been useful and worthwhile. 


;O) Newt