Tales From the Sorcerer Under the Mountain

Created by Newt Newport

A rulebook/adventure for OSR/5th editions inspired by 80s British Fantasy Roleplaying Games.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal 4 funded, we will have Fire from Below!
about 3 years ago – Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 01:04:00 AM

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Well, you did it, and much quicker than I thought you would, Paul Mitchener’s adventure Fires from Below is funded! Give yourself a round of applause. I’m pleased because the last time Paul did anything in the fantasy ballpark for me, he produced Tomb of the Necromancers which is a cracking little Swords and Sorcery adventure for Crypts and Things. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what he cooks up for Fires from Below.

Of course, this now means that all backers who backed a book will be getting this adventure in pdf & POD depending on which flavour they supported. If you went Old School you'd get it as a 6 x 9 inch Swords and Wizardry adventure, if you went New School you’ll get it as an 8 x 11 inch 5thEdition adventure, and if you are one of the Head pledge levels, you’ll get both.

Thanks for supporting this.

Onwards and Upwards!

;O) Newt

Pledge levels for direct mailed printed copies now available
about 3 years ago – Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 05:03:01 PM

Good Morning Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

If you've been put off backing Tales of the Sorcerer Under Mountain because there's no "send me a print copy direct", now there is. Just look for the Sheild Bearer pledge levels on the right of the campaign page. 

Existing backers can change to these levels; there's corresponding New School/Old School and Head Sheild Bearer pledge levels, change by going to "manage my pledge".

You’ll need to pay for postage after the campaign in Backerkit.

Onwards and Upwards

;O) Newt

Stretch Goal 3 now funded, onwards to adventure!
about 3 years ago – Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 06:56:23 PM

Good Afternoon Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Stretch Goal 3 The Castle of Howls funded this morning, so all backers will be getting an OSR version and/or 5th Edition (depending which version you backed) in pdf of this one on one adventure.

I've now added all I want to this project as stretch goals, so seeing as we are still funding, instead of just let it carry on and run out of steam, I had a quick word with some of D101's regular contributors and they will now be writing some adventures as stretch goals.

Paul Mitchener is the quiet hand behind the throne here at D101, as well as being a contributing author in his own right. He also has an ever-increasing number of credits for companies like The Design Mechanism and Cubicle 7 and is the mastermind behind the Liminal, a supernatural game based upon British folklore.

Neil Shaw has contributed ably to both issues of our Crypts and Things fanzine From the Shroud, so it is well overdue for you to see a full adventure from him.

Guy Milner has a been a long-time supporter of D101, helping on our trade stand. He's also the author of Bite of the Crocodile God, a free demo adventure for Hunters of Alexandria, and the upcoming Vampire supplement for Liminal. He's a big fan of the one-shot format and his blog Burn after Running is a mine of good advice and treasure trove of free downloads.  

So now you've met the authors lets see what they are offering.

Stretch Goal 4. £2000 Fires from the Deep by Paul Mitchener for 3rd level characters 

Something came from the underworld in a jet of hellfire. Something unique and valuable. More than one group seeks to retrieve it. Naturally, the player characters are one such group. A dangerous wilderness trek with an uncertain goal, and all sorts of room for complications, but hey, the job pays well.

Stretch Goal 6. £3000 Curse of the Emerald Swan by Neil Shaw for characters 2nd – 4th level characters

A mysterious mist shroud gallon has come into port at night and is blocking vessels leaving the narrow harbour. Brave fishermen have tried to approach and those who did flee from the mournful wailing they heard as they approached, never returned. Now the mayor is worried that if his fishing fleet cannot sail his town is wither and die.

Your group of brave adventurers have been hired to board the cursed ship, brave its sinister inhabitants and finally discover the ships reason for being here.

Stretch Goal 7. £4000 The Jungles of Ruin by Guy Milner for 4th level characters

An adventure where the heroes must trek through a lethal jungle environment to find the Lost City of Bast-Ur and discover the treasures within. Explore its fearsome ziggurat! Help the Jaguar People overthrow their oppressive God-Emperor! Avoid the fearsome lizard-riding Jungle Ducks!

All adventures will have covers by Jon Hodgson and maps by Glynn Seal. Each adventure will come as separate Swords and Wizardry and 5th Edition versions and will be available to backers as both pdf and with the option to purchase at cost POD versions at NO EXTRA COST. So when we fund all three adventures, if you backed the 5th Edition version (£5 New School Torchbearer) for example, for your £5, you'll get four adventures (which will probably retail at £6 each when they go to general release, so that's £24 worth of pdfs ). 

More adventures are in the pipeline beyond £4000 details to follow, once we've funded this first batch.

Onwards and Upwards

;O) Newt

The Crystal Ship sets sail!
about 3 years ago – Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 04:38:22 PM

 Good Morning Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers

Well, this morning over breakfast I’m happy to declare VICTORY on yesterday’s community goal, we reached the heady heights of 120 backers so every backer will be getting the one-page Sunday Dungeon I tantalisingly dangled in front of you in the last update. Which now has a name “The Vault of the Crystal Ship”, and this is the player’s introduction:

“The voyages of the Crystal Ship under the Adventurer-Queen Veleda are legendary. It served future monarchs faithy until It was finally brought down by the King Frackticus who damaged it beyond repair in his failed invasion of the domain of hawk people known as the Zithrin. In his dying moments, he got it back to its vault where it lays to this day, hundreds of years later. The location of the vault was lost. Until now! While travelling through the high mountain pass, you brave adventurers have discovered an entrance in the cliffside. Will the Crystal ship embark on new voyages under your command?”

I’ll be getting Glynn Seal to do the map of this small pick up and play dungeon, and it will be available in pdf form to all backers after the campaign ends and funds collected. Inspired by this I’ll be doing this again, on the next two Sundays left in during the campaign. 

Because 120 backers is the next Monsters are People milestone, all backers will be getting the following monster-NPC portfolio which to keep it simple will be Yugress the Zithrin , a 3 HD Hawkperson.

And we are at the time of writing 2-3 backers or £27 away from funding the next stretch goal, the Castle of Howls a one-on-one adventure for both the OSR rulebook and 5th Ed. Once that funds, I will tell you about the next couple of stretch goals I have planned.

Thanks for your support.

Onwards and upwards! 

;O) Newt

Sunday Morning Dungeon
about 3 years ago – Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 04:49:35 PM

 Good Morning Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

When I was in my teens and running a weekly game, “Sunday Morning Dungeons” was the term I used for a couple of hours in the morning where I would happily throw together a dungeon for my game in the afternoon.

This morning I’ve revisited this old joy and come up with a small dungeon populated with monsters and packed with treasure, just for fun.

And here it is!

Map of my Sunday Dungeon (don't worry I'll get Glynn Seal to draw a nice version)
Map of my Sunday Dungeon (don't worry I'll get Glynn Seal to draw a nice version)

Then occurred to me to share this with you, in the form of a quick one-page dungeon, which is a brief background, short descriptions + stats and a map all on one page, released as a pdf.

But only if we reach the next stretch goal £1,500 OR 120 backers (where you get the upcoming Monsters are People Too pdf) by the end of today (Midnight GMT).

So get sharing on social media, spread the word. We are but six backers or £102  away of wining this one in pdf form. Also, I notice that we have 3 Sundays left in the campaign, so if you win this one today I’ll do the same the following Sundays 😊 Besides I want to find out what that odd shape in room 15 is 😊


;O) Newt