Tales From the Sorcerer Under the Mountain

Created by Newt Newport

A rulebook/adventure for OSR/5th editions inspired by 80s British Fantasy Roleplaying Games.

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Stretch Goals announced
about 3 years ago – Mon, Aug 05, 2019 at 04:45:13 AM

Good morning Glorious Backers and Currious Onlookers,

I've now added the following stretch goals to the campaign.

 £1100 Pre-generated characters portfolio in pdf form for use with the adventure for both the OSR and 5th Edition versions of the Sorcerer Under the Mountain adventure.

£1250 Confessions of an Old School DM. How I moved from DMing Old School Renaissance to 5th ed. will be included in the 5th Ed adventure book, and as a pdf for everyone else.

£1500 My First Adventure. An one on one adventure, which faithfully (ha-ha) recreates my first adventure as a 1st Level Elf (Fighter/Mage) adventuring alone looking for a magic ring in an abandoned temple.

£2000 Fires from the Deep (Paul Mitchener) Frequent D101 Games collaborator and author of ENnie nominated Liminal RPG, Age of Arthur and the upcoming Beyond Dread Portals RPG, brings this infernal adventure for 3rd Level characters, of which he says:

"Something came from the underworld in a jet of hellfire. Something unique and valuable. More than one group seeks to retrieve it. Naturally, the player characters are one such group. A dangerous wilderness trek with an uncertain goal, and all sorts of room for complications, but hey, the job pays well."

More adventures are in the pipeline beyond £2000 details to follow. They will have covers by Jon Hodgson. Each adventure will come as Swords and Wizardry and 5th Edition versions and will be available to backers as both pdf and with the option to purchase at cost POD versions. 

All the best

:O) Newt